Excellence made in Mondolfo

The factory of “seaborne missiles”, the huge artisan workshop that puts out the fast cruisers that have thrilled the world, is located in Mondolfo, Italy. It is precisely as one would expect: a jewel of beauty, technology and functionality.
The area, which covers 53,000 square metres, hosts three ultra-modern buildings. Two are used for building the yachts, and the third houses one of the largest painting booths in Europe, able to meet the requests of Pershing customers who seek personalised solutions.
Even the glass and steel offices are designed in keeping with futuristic criteria.

Pershing's production is marked by high performance, ongoing stylistic research, the use of top quality materials and interior design aimed at offering the highest levels of comfort. The construction methodologies – together with engines of up to 7800 hp and the use of surface propellers, water jets and gas turbines – mean Pershing yachts boast extremely sporty performance with top speeds of up to 50 knots.